Day 5 – Story Challenge

Day 5 of the Challenge

Today’s prompt is a prompt from my friend Marta! You can read the whole prompt here and find links to her work.

Marta’s prompt is about losing something that belongs to someone else. This is a prompt designed for me. I write about lost things all the time. It is one of my reoccurring themes.

Last night I hosted my PUSH group and part of the conversation was about stories through objects. The format for our group is the same every week. We have a few minutes of chit chat and then we celebrate the wins of the week. These can be small or large. Then we do a writing prompt. This week’s prompt was about place and its influence on what we write. There were some surprises after the exercise and everyone used more objects to tell their story than usual. This group always has interesting conversation and last night was no different.

I was fueled to write this morning because of this group of women! We always laugh a lot which is good for the soul.

I had a hard time narrowing down the ideas I wanted to use for my story today. I also wanted to combine my Sarah Selecky prompt with Marta’s today. One of the techniques I used was to write 10 unconnected sentences. This helped me figure out what idea lit me up today to construct into a full story.

The concept of my story is strange and I love it. While on my walk the perfect beginning sentence came to me and then all the other pieces came together. Today was unusual as I did not write the story in a linear way. I had the middle and then the beginning and then the end. I may change how the characters get to the end because it seems too obvious but I will let it sit for a few days and see what emerges.

Anchors for Day 5 story: unhappiness, bet, Curator of the Lost, tattoo

If you would like to read what I reflected on in Day 1 click here.

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3 thoughts on “Day 5 – Story Challenge

  1. Hi, Tammy!
    I’ve just discovered your blog… I love the way you write about Story A Day, how you reflect on using the prompts and structuring ideas… I’ll most definitely come back and read more.

    Meanwhile, I’m sorry I didn’t check the prompt yesterday… I must say I’m not using them all that much – and yesterday I was so determined to have Napoleon in my daily story that I went from there without seeking alternatives. Still, the lost object is so perfect for my WIP that I am keeping it and using it at the first chance.

    Clara @Scribblings

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