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The May 5th question

Has any of your readers ever responded to your writing in a way that you didn’t expect? If so, did it surprise you?\
The awesome co-hosts for the May 5 posting of the IWSG are Erika Beebe, PJ Colando, Tonja Drecker, Sadira Stone, and Cathrina Constantine!

Readers come to a piece with their own exeriences and interests. I often forget this as a writer because there is always an intention for writing the poem, story or essay. We cannot control what ultimately our reader gathers from our words.

Several years ago I shared a piece of writing with a friend who read it in a much different way than I intended while writing it. Her background was horror and she also was a middle school English teacher. [Somehow those seems weirdly connected!]

It was a sad story with a conflicted main character. The character was upset because she was not with her husband. You do not know til the end where he is when she gets a phone call.

Her take on the story was that the main character was being held in an apartment but someone who had kidnapped her. Her impression was that she had fallen in love with her kidnapper!

My initial reaction was shock and then laughter. I reread the story through her lens and saw how with that mindset it could read that way!

I am glad we had that conversation because I learned first hand about what people see when they read my words.

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3 thoughts on “#IWSG May

  1. Oh wow, what a different take on the story!

    I’ve read and critiqued a story only to read others opinions and realized my interpretation was different! I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. It helps me keep an open mind when I receive feedback too

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  2. Thank you Tammy, for this testimony. I also often lose sight of my readers’ point of view and own insights, or backgrounds. It is so easy to offend without meaning to, as words carry different echoes for each and everyone of us. Like choosing a gift for someone you don’t know very well. They might enjoy the thoughtfulness, but not the object itself.
    Take care and keep writing.
    Hope you have a pleasant month of May.

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