Day 4 – Story Challenge

Day 4 of May

My Agenda for the Challenge:

  • Reflect about how I approached the prompt – Did it resonate with me? Did I use it? Did I use something else or combine it with something else?
  • Write the story and analyze if it different as an outcome than what I expected when I started.
  • Would I use this prompt again?
  • Reflect if the writing surprised me.
  • Did I learn anything?

Today’s prompt is an ending line from my friend Neha. You can read the whole prompt here and find links to her work.

Beginning with the end in mind is something I learned when I first started in education from Stephen Covey. I am grateful to have taken that training so early in my life.

Starting with an ending line leads you to where you are going.

The prompt took me in a different direction than I expected but I like it.

I combined Neha’s prompt with the Sarah Selecky prompt as well. I wrote a bit in the notebook about process and how I am feeling. I am experiencing some resistance because of the lack of acceptances this 2021 year. The writing moves on of course! I need to revise stories that have been sitting for a long while. With composing so quickly during May I often forget about gems hiding in the drive.

I have been up since 4:30am this morning so writing time was earlier than normal. Time moves differently this early as well as my thinking. I feel compelled to write which is always a good feeling.

The character who emerged is a Mother Nature like figure and the story involves a magical gate.

Anchors for Day 4 story: gate, splinter, time, dark

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Are you participating in the Storyaday challenge? I am certain we will be discussing this challenge in my PUSH group. You should join us. We meet every Tuesday evening!

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