Day 3 – Story Challenge

Day 3 of May

My Agenda for the Challenge:

  • Reflect about how I approached the prompt – Did it resonate with me? Did I use it? Did I use something else or combine it with something else?
  • Write the story and analyze if it different as an outcome than what I expected when I started.
  • Would I use this prompt again?
  • Reflect if the writing surprised me.
  • Did I learn anything?

The prompt is about using two POV’s. You can read the whole prompt here.

I liked this prompt and resonated with it BUT the idea did not come right away. I played around with a lot of angles before I started to compose. I wrote during my regular time this morning but the ideas are not flowing as easily as I feel they do other times. I am struggling with the schedule a bit in general, not just in relationship to the challenge.

These prompts are forcing me to think about plot and conflict is a more intentional way. I usually just write and if it is a story; it is a story. With the two fold intention to write a story a day and to produce a better draft, my feeling is I have to be more calculated with the story.

I am sure this is not actually true. It is how my brain is working this first week. The writing is not comfortable or as easy as usual. I find myself starting the story and mulling it over and over in my brain during the day. I keep thinking about fairy tale structures as well and I like that a lot. Today I used Little Red Riding Hood.

I am always thinking about story and writing but with trying to work out specific issues in the daily story, other ideas are flowing that have nothing to do with the prompt. It is working well! The idea pump seems to be primed.

Today I did consider going into my draft folders and pulling out something, but nothing felt right. There are a couple of scenes I keep trying to fit in like puzzle pieces and they are not working yet! It is about the play and the curiosity.

So far, I like the prompts and plan to use them over and over again.

I changed the POV order as outlined in the prompt. 3rd person began the story and then 1st person was the 10 year later section. It worked better for me.

Anchors for Day 3 story: wine, lie, tulips and dandelions, salt, house

If you would like to read what I reflected on in Day 1 click here.

If you would like to read my reflection from Day 2 click here.

Are you participating in the Storyaday challenge? I am certain we will be discussing this challenge in my PUSH group. You should join us. We meet every Tuesday evening!

3 thoughts on “Day 3 – Story Challenge

  1. “I changed the POV order as outlined in the prompt. 3rd person began the story and then 1st person was the 10 year later section. It worked better for me.”

    Is that not the original prompt? That’s how I did it, too… Third person first, then switched to 1st person… That was the prompt (just looked it up again). So, congrats! You did it right! 😉

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