Day 2 – Story Challenge

Day 2 of May

My Agenda for the Challenge:

  • Reflect about how I approached the prompt – Did it resonate with me? Did I use it? Did I use something else or combine it with something else?
  • Write the story and analyze if it different as an outcome than what I expected when I started.
  • Would I use this prompt again?
  • Reflect if the writing surprised me.
  • Did I learn anything?

The prompt is about someplace new. You can read the whole prompt here.

I like the prompt. After reflecting about a place that I have not written about I had a hard time thinking about somewhere. I have written so many stories that a new place just off the top of my head seemed difficult. I wanted to combine it with the SS prompt today – everything I know about pearls. I feel like I have put too much pressure on myself to write a story a day even though I do it anyway. I feel like I am getting the words down but the flow isn’t there. I am focusing on a specific outcome which I am going to have to let go of.

I also got a rejection in my inbox this morning so that made me feel a little down.

I like the openness of this prompt and even see myself combining day 1 with the bridge to the new place in day 2. I will use this prompt again for sure.

The story is written and I combined several things. I used notes from the keep app, the prompt, the SS prompt and some past writing all together. It is a short story and I am not sure where I want to go with it. It feels like it should have more dramatic conflict in it but I am also overly concerned about the story structure and plot than normal.

The anchors idea that I referenced yesterday, and just below, is a technique I learned from Nina LaCour. It is a good exercise in rewriting as well. If I take just the anchor words and write the draft from scratch I am certain it will be better. If you keep in mind the anchors when you are writing then your focus can stay steady for your longer drafts.

Anchors for Day 2 story: pearls, skeletons, Montreal, scavenger hunt, layers

If you would like to read what I reflected on in Day 1 click here.

Are you participating in the Storyaday challenge? I am certain we will be discussing this challenge in my PUSH group. You should join us. We meet every Tuesday evening!

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