#FMF Remedy

Every Friday I set the timer and write with the one word prompt from Five Minute Friday.

The remedy for lots of ailments is the same thing.

I think about loneliness and creativity and the remedy for these. The smell of lilacs comes to mind. The fragrance and the blooms drip from the branches in my Oma’s garden of no more.

People are a medicine I need but often avoid. Community must be carefully curated. It needs to be energizing, not draining but always seems a fine line to me.

This week I cancelled everything in the evenings. A remedy of sorts. It was a delicious break but not as fueling as I would have suspected it would be. There was no pressure to get home or for anything to get done before I had to be on Zoom. I didn’t even take the computer out of my bag this week.

I felt off. I woke up Wednesday frustrated and the day went downhill and then back up again. I didn’t have my intellectual conversation I have become accustomed to Tuesday night. Maybe that was why.

Tuesdays seem like Fridays because of the new teaching schedule and then the rest of the week is just confusing. There is no remedy for the confusion of late it seems.

2 thoughts on “#FMF Remedy

  1. Good post. There is a fine line between good human interaction, fellowship, and too many people, places and commitments. You were wise to take a break, maybe too much or a break for you. Find your balance. We are all different. God Bless you.

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