What Makes Your Heart Beat Faster? #sol21

What makes you heart beat faster?

Being at school,

The Hello song pulling everyone from their seats to dance,

The whisper of, “Can I hug you when we get back to the room?”

Good news on the writing front,

A vision coming true I hadn’t even IMAGINED 2 years ago,

The rejection email for the poems sent last week,

The snow falling on my walk,

Seeing the new baby horse,

The sight of the first spot being open – “My spot”,

A message from a friend,

An encouraging workshop,

A new person to learn from,

The hug and kiss greeting from my husband,

The gratitude for the life I have created here.

What makes your heart beat faster today?

3 thoughts on “What Makes Your Heart Beat Faster? #sol21

  1. What makes my heart beat faster? List poems. Thoughts of hugging my children.ANY news on the writing front. The wonder of snow that falls even when we’re not supposed to have snow anymore. And gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. =))

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  2. I love this list! 🙂 I’ve been struggling and this makes me think of those things that make my heart beat faster: A hug from my wife. Snaps/messages from my daughters. A canceled meeting. The moo of a baby calf. The thought of summer.

    Thank you! 🙂

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