Look How High I’m Going! #SOL21

Swings and Sun – The Perfect Partnership on a Monday afternoon.

“The swing is tickling me!” – one of my kindergarten students exclaimed as she pumped her feet back and forth in the afternoon sun yesterday.

At first I thought she had said, “The sun is tickling me.”

The joy of being together – even masked – on the equipment is hard to describe.

After pushing another student for a few back and forths I realized what she meant.

I asked her,” Does the swinging make your tummy feel funny?”

YES! The recognition of someone understanding what she meant was priceless. She doesn’t know that is the same feeling as being on a rollercoaster….yet.

One of my favorite parts of kindergarten is how they chose their words to describe something. It is one of the many areas we can learn from them!


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9 thoughts on “Look How High I’m Going! #SOL21

  1. I was in the cafeteria as the kindergarteners were in line getting their lunch and one boy said to another – “Don’t push me!” and the other said, “I wasn’t, I was just trying to move you.”

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  2. I love this! And yes, I love how, before they know physical feelings and words for them, how they try to describe them on their own. I can’t remember exactly what it was but both of my kids always had funny descriptions for feeling dizzy. 🙂

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