Bio Poem #SOL21

I haven’t used this form in a long while! Thank you to Elisa who reminded me of it today. You can read her poem here.


Passionate, curious, writer

Partner of Jon; mother of Sebastian, Grant, Leah, and Tommy.

Lover of life-giving conversation, books, my family and nature.

Who wonders if the gap will ever be closed.

Who fears heights and people seeing too much of her.

Who feels happy when she’s drinking coffee.

Who would like to live closer to the mountains.

Who has dedicated her life inspiring others to read and write.

Who dreams of writing retreats and writing something everyone reads.


5 thoughts on “Bio Poem #SOL21

  1. One of my favorite forms! I took a look at it last week because it’s been a while since I’ve used it. I’m enjoying your inspiring posts in my inbox šŸ™‚ If we were having coffee…I’d tell you my favorite is Ruta Maya Jiguani, freshly ground.

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  2. I was just thinking about the persona or bio poem. I first came across it in the late 90’s on PIZZAZ, an ESL resource site and used with Intermediate ESL I was teaching online. Later I used it teaching developmental writing. Great icebreaker too. I thought the site was long gone but looked anyway. PIZZAZ is still there,

    The last time was at a poetry writing workshop that I did the web page for. My poet friend running the workshop with an annual poetry and writing event wanted a poetry icebreaker. She asked me because what teacher doesn’t keep icebreakers in stock? It was just as popular with published poets as it had been with English learners and emerging writers.

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  3. I love this form & haven’t used it in forever. Thanks for the inspiration. My biggest shock in here? You have FOUR children. I had no idea! Not shocking? Your last two lines – I’m betting you reach your goals!

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