Who is Your Favorite Poet?

Welcome to Poetry Month!

I was introduced to Naomi Shihab Nye many years ago at a teacher writer conference. Laura Robb did a presentation I went to and she used the poem,”Secrets”. I still use this poem when I teach and read it often.

When I returned from the conference I found more poetry written by Nye. Here is one I use every year with students for annotation and quickwrites.


I am drawn to all the words that remind me of fire in this poem. I have written in response to this poem more times than I remember and something new always comes out of it.

I hope you enjoy reading this poem and/or writing in response to it.

3 thoughts on “Who is Your Favorite Poet?

  1. I am still trying to discover good poets. I recently read a few lines in a book by two Urdu poets – Mir Taqi Mir and Faiz Ahmad Faiz – which also had an English translation and they really spoke to me. I’m on the lookout for some old poets that talk of life and maybe feminist themes. I enjoyed reading Margaret Atwood’s Dearly too. Do you have any recommendations? Some friends have asked me to check out Maya Angelou and Ismat Chughtai..

    Also, do you memorise the poems you read? Sometimes I wish I could memorise the poems I like, but I don’t know how🙂

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    • I do love Billy Collins and Mary Oliver as well. Rumi too. Fairly classic, but I do love them. I did like Atwood’s collection as well. Ada Limon is another favorite.
      I have memorized only a few poems. I take it line by line and rewrite and try to memorize it like a song repeating it to myself over and over.

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