The End? #sol21 #day31

Today is the last day of March

For those of you who read my post yesterday about truth and lies I must confess that I cannot juggle! The other 2 statements are absolutely true!


have been doing this challenge for so many years I lost count. I do remember being in Hawaii doing the challenge in the hotel’s computer lab when my son was 4. He turned 18 at the beginning of the month. Maybe I was there from the beginning?

I have posted every day. I have read other posts and commented every day.

I know that there will be people that will cease to write until next March. I will miss them. Some will continue to write and share on Tuesdays moving forward.

But I will miss this bustle of community and knowing there were blogs I looked forward to reading every day. I have come to rely on this daily interaction.

The inspiration from others writing will continue to show up in my posts over the next couple of weeks. I have a list of structures for future writing.

For me, April is about poetry. I am not sure if I will post daily or not. It depends. I will write every day of course, but am not sure what I will proclaim publicly. I have considered sharing daily poetry prompts.

May will be about the Storyaday challenge. I plan to write about my process and how I approach the prompts – or not. If I veer from the prompt given I will talk about what I did write about!


Sometimes, I look forward to the month ending and not HAVING to post daily. This year I do not have that feeling.

Thank you for reading and for commenting. Thank you for sharing my challenge and my post structures and making them your own. It has been a great month.

What will you miss?

12 thoughts on “The End? #sol21 #day31

  1. Congratulations on all of your years of dedication to writing for yourself (and others). I just finished year 11! I miss the community that is created in this virtual space – all of us who love and appreciate writing – both its content and craft.

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  2. Wow! It’s great that you’ve kept at it all these years. As a first timer I appreciate how you shared different perspectives at the end…this year I’ve loved it, but am ready for a breath!

    I will see you around some Tuesday in the future, I’m sure of it!

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  3. Thanks for sharing. Is the story-a-day challenge something you do individually or is there a place for daily inspiration? I’m doing poetry in April too. I’m gonna bookmark your blog so I (hopefully) remember to check back.

    I’m definitely going to miss the daily comments and support and inspiration from this wonderful community.

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  4. I am always amazed by your routines and ability to write throughout the year. Although I may not always comment, your posts ping my mailbox and remind me of what I am missing out on. The wonder of words and connection. Thank you for being that model, that “ping” that awakens the writer in us all.

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  5. I think you’ve made an important distinction: having to post vs. getting to post.
    We got to write alongside each other this month and it was fabulous. In a year that many of us have felt disconnected due to COVID, we were able to come together, once again, as an online community. That mattered to me, to you, and to so many others. Glad you joined us again this year!

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  6. I too will seriously miss the community and the people I “know” through their words. This year, I really was pretty sure I had NOTHING to say because I am doing NOTHING and yet, I now remember that I am still part of a busy wonderful life and community – in spite of a year+ at home!

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  7. I will miss the camaraderie of others writing and posting daily, responding to others, making the practice of daily writing, along with its struggles, public. Thanks for asking…and for posting…and for being a part of this wonderful community.


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  8. So much writing! I’m thinking about writing a poem a day next month, but I’m sure I cannot commit to publishing daily. I, too, will miss the bustle of this community. I know I haven’t commented often, but I do *read* you often. Sigh. What a month! See you on Tuesday, if not before.

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