Share Four Somethings #SOL21 #day27

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the March Blog challenge. Teacher writers post every day for the month and comment on at least 3 other posts.

Today’s structure comes from awkwardly graceful. Brooke references Heather’s blog which is where she got the idea. Thank you to both of you!

Here is Heather’s explanation of the format:

What is Share Four Somethings? It is a monthly link-up where you literally share four somethings. The first is Something Loved. What did you love this month?

The second category is Something Read or Said. You get to choose. Was it a book (or five),an e-book or a podcast you listened to? Please share!

The third category, and maybe my favorite, is Something Treasured. What happened in the past month that you are holding close and treasuring?

The last category is Something Ahead. This is where you share what is on the horizon. What do you have coming up, and is there any way we can support you, encourage you or pray for you? So please join us in sharing Something Loved, Something Read (or Said), Something Treasured, and Something Ahead.


Something I Loved

This month, I loved many things. I loved that I started running again. I loved that I have posted every day all month on this blog. I have loved my PUSH meetings I host every Tuesday and the life giving conversation that comes out of that. I loved that I made some breakthroughs in my writing and am moving forward in a clear direction that makes sense for me. I loved how fulfilling and successful my #10min10days challenge ended up being!

Something I Read

I have read a lot of blogs this month and have been loving it! I have learned so much, and also learned some new structures. Here is a link to a post where I recommend a few of the blogs I have been reading this month. I am reading Lineage of Trees from Jane Brunette and Inner Work by Robert Johnson. I am waiting for my copy of Writing Open the Mind!

Something Treasured

There was a lot to treasure this month, but time with my friends has to be it for March. I spend great time with my friends in my PUSH group, writing groups and a drink out with a friend. It has been years since I have gone out with a friend!

Something Ahead

April is all about poetry for me. There is Poem in Your Pocket Day. I am taking a class about writing poetry with author Chris LaTray which I am THRILLED about! Concise beautiful words is my goal for the next month.

What are your Four Somethings?

5 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings #SOL21 #day27

  1. You’ve got a lot going on and so much to celebrate!
    I love that you started running again (big fan!), that you’ve posted a blogpost everyday (respect!), that you’ve had precious time with friends, and are looking forward to an April filled with poetry.

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  2. I love the categories for the 4 somethings. Again, a something else to consider going forward. I invented my own Saturday Satisfactions today for my listicle! You’ve got me thinking about the fine differences between something I loved and something I treasured…


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  3. I will be swiping this great structure, and I love getting a peek into your life, my friend. I hope Jason Reynolds will be writing a poem every day in April, as he has done. Your are an amazing human – a runner, a writer; an educator, a friend. Thank you for your words in the world!!!

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