Friday Writing #sol21 #day26

Fridays are all about writing!

Right now I am sitting in my bed, freshly showered from my walk, feeling like it does not feel like spring break.

Right now there are worry gremlins in the back of my mind eating away at me as I try to bash them with Whack-a-mole paddles…maybe I need a new tactic.

Right now I smell the chili warming that I am about to eat.

Right now I am happy I do not have to set an alarm.

Right now I wonder if it will feel like break tomorrow…or not til Monday.

Right now I am so tired.

Right now I am looking forward to writing in the morning and not having to get out of bed.

Right now I am enjoying watching The Real World London…again.

What are you doing or thinking about right now?

Thank you for reading and responding!

11 thoughts on “Friday Writing #sol21 #day26

  1. Right now, I’m thinking about how many things we have in common because my Spring Break has also just started, I’m tired, I’m looking forward to not setting my alarm, and I’m looking forward to writing in the morning, also! You almost could have written my slice for me today! 🙂 ~JudyK

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  2. Right now I just got my second wind of the day! Meaning I’m either going to be up for another few hours or go to sleep within the next 30 minutes!
    I love this idea! I think I might use it in my classroom as a bell ringer or exit ticket. Thanks for the idea!

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