Thursday:Questions #sol21 #day26

Do you have a desk?

Thursdays are all about questions and this is mine to you today.

Throughout my teaching career the subject of teacher desks has always been a controversy. Some people are in the camp that they should not be in the classroom at all and others are ok with it.

I have wavered back and forth through the years.

Do you have a desk you work at in your home space?

I do not typically sit at the desk at school and work with students. Usually it is at a table or within the student’s space.

In my classroom now, I have no desk and I will admit…it is driving me crazy.

I have come to learn that I like having the deep drawer to my left that has the files for each of my students. I can take assessments or writing or notes and plop them right in there. Safely organized for when I need the information.

The surface is honestly the grounding place for all important papers [which the amount of always seems to grow even still in the era of teaching under COVID].

I have requested a desk so I hope it comes soon…I need drawers to fill.

How do you feel about desks? Do you have one at home?

Which camp are you in? Pro or Con Desk? I would love to know in the comments.

15 thoughts on “Thursday:Questions #sol21 #day26

  1. I like how you structured this slice…some people and share the 2 sides. Then share your side. Then ask a question. Very orgainzed. LIke your desk would be, I suspect! I don’t need a desk, just a space to hold my important papers. But this whole year, I need a desk to hold my 4 screens – 2 laptops, an ipad and a phone so I can navigate teaching using TEAMS, share my slidedeck, see who has their hand raised, see the chat. And now in the classroom, this desk is situated close to an electrical outlet and the smart panel to property connect all this technology. That’s probabaly more than you want to know but your question got me reflecting. All because you asked about a 4-letter word – DESK!

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    • I am a piler so I am not sure how organized my desk is but it is a landing spot for sure! I love this answer! There are strong feelings on both sides of the issue for people. Thank you for sharing! The desks do seem to serve a different purpose in these times of remote learning for sure! One of my kindergarten colleagues has 3 screens that she uses! It is an impressive setup.


  2. I have alwAys loved desks. I remember the ones when I was a kid that had the lid that lifted. I would spend a lot of time getting my things the way I wanted. It thrilled me. (Don’t mistake me for a neat freak. I just loved it there.). I do need it at work because there aren’t really many places to put things away. At home, I have never found one I liked that fit our space. The disarray shows that.

    I wish I could just design one that was perfectly what I wanted…

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    • OOO design a perfect desk seems like a good writing prompt! I have always loved desks too – at home for sure. I was able to fit a small one into a large closet here to use and I love it. When I was forced to go to the furniture store with my parents I always looked at the desks and dreamed of sitting and writing there! Your comment reminded me of that it has been a long time for the memory to resurface! Thank you

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  3. This is such an interesting question. When I was at school, my desk was the place I projected documents from. It was very tiny. I stored all of my assessments and materials in spaces around it. It worked because I was so mobile. I didn’t sit. Except for whole group lessons. BUT. Now that I’m at home, working via zoom my desk is my classroom. I’ve had to rethink how I work. And I must say I love my desk. Everything is accessible. So when I return to the classroom, I know I will miss my desk. I’m not sure whether or not I will revert to my old ways at school or find I need a desk. Hmmmm.

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  4. I had to click on your post because I wanted to know which side you came out on! It’s such an intriguing question to hear people’s answers about. I liked hearing about how you use your desk (especially the drawer for “plopping” student notes). I am ambivalent. I want to give up my desk, but do find it useful. I compromise by positioning it and keeping it clear enough that students who need an alternate space can use it. It’s a “shared” desk.

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  5. No desk for me. But I do like a space–in the classroom and at home. I guess the desk just seems too formal–or maybe it’s my projection on the desk that is the problem…

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  6. Team Desk here! I have not figured out where to put all the stuff that is not for student eyes if I didn’t have a desk. I also love having organized pencil and pen containers. Such a dorky teacher thing to say. But come on now… are you gonna let your 3rd grade students use your flair pens all day long in the age of COVID? Some things are just for me.

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  7. I have a desk at home now that we’ve been working from home for a year now and I love it! I wish I had an entire working room to myself but for now I’m happy with my little white desk at one corner of the room☺️

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  8. Even as a retiree, I love my desk and spend time there every day. I can’t imagine teaching without a desk. It was a repository for all my “stuff” and a comfy place to relax and reflect at the end of each day.

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