Wednesday:What Am I Reading? #sol21 #day24

Wednesdays are all about reading!

One of the ways I became a better writer was to use Ray Bradbury’s advice of reading a poem, a short story, and an essay every day for 1,000 nights.

My general things you can do with the text:

  1. Just read.
  2. Write down lines that you are drawn to.
  3. Write out a whole section word for word to get the feel of the author’s words.
  4. Write and start with the sentence stem: This piece reminds me of…
  5. Read the piece out loud to hear the author’s voice and rhythm.

Poem: Burning the Old Year by Naomi Shihab Nye

Laura Robb introduced me to Nye at a Writers At Work conference in Sun Valley, Idaho years and years ago. Ever since that day I have sought out and read her poetry. I have read it for pleasure and for teaching.

Short Story: The Stone by Louise Erdrich

This story has an object at its center which is a structure and craft move I love. This story has me wondering which is a good characteristic for my reading!

Essay: On Keeping a Notebok by Joan Dideon

How do you feel about vanishing things?

The Joan Dideon is a classic essay for writers. Nina LaCour talks about it on her podcast Keeping a Notebook which is where she got the name.  Most writers keep some sort of notebook. It is a longer essay, but worth the read.

What are your favorite recommendations?

What are your thoughts about these choices? I would love to know!

10 thoughts on “Wednesday:What Am I Reading? #sol21 #day24

  1. So, in a different direction, as an elementary teacher I find myself influenced by picture books. We are currently studying My Papi Has a Motorcycle by Isabel Quintero. I love the way she describes this place and the people she loves. My students will be trying their hand at this next week–under the influence of this book.


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  2. I love the poem and others by Naomi, I didn’t like the short story, because it didn’t appeal at all. I find that a problem with short stories, which is why I don’t often read them. I think Ray’s advice is great if you have the time to do it. The link to the essay is broken, so I couldn’t look at that. I do believe the more you read, the better you write!
    I read a lot of Australian authors as they are readily available here, I’ve just started a book by John Kinsella, who I haven’t read before….I’ve dipped into a few other books, but not been gripped so far!

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    • Short stories are a form their own and some people just don’t resonate with them!! It is good you know that about yourself as a reader. I have several friends who feel the same way about poetry. 😁 I will fix the link. Thank you for letting me know!


  3. Thank you for Nye’s poem … it sets me spinning around all sorts of thoughts and emotions. I am going to focus on that in my slice today. I appreciate your share!


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