Writing Prompts #sol21 #day13


A day to breathe.

I write every morning. My writing routine is established and has been for a while. I have always written but didn’t take it “seriously” until about 4 years ago. Over the years my process has evolved and I have experimented but one thing remains the same:


I signed up to receive Sarah Selecky’s daily writing prompts in my email. I write to it in my freewrite after I first wake up. I love that time between dream and awake for writing. I am fresher in the morning. I do have friends that have this sparkle time at night.

Are you a morning writer or an evening writer?

Some prompts resonate with me more than others of course. I often write my own prompts for myself. As a teacher of writing, it is hard for me to read a book and NOT write a prompt to go with it. Even for young students I believe there should always be a connection for reading and writing.

This past week my class read Three Hens and a Peacock by Lester Laminack. It is a story about being who you are; who you are designed to be. The title made a perfect prompt. One group wrote about 3 Boxes and a Brain. The other group wrote about 3 Tony Birds and a Lambs. In my PUSH groups I bring prompts and I am always amazed at how different the stories are from the same simple beginning.

Sometimes the prompts resonate more than others of course. Today’s prompt is to write about a character named BUZZ. My kindergarten teacher mind goes to a story about a bird that is an astronaut! I don’t want to write that though. Yesterday’s prompt was about writing a story with the viewpoint from above.

My dreams are often writing prompts for me as well.

Today I will share one of my favorites with you. Write this word at the top of a fresh page in your notebook see what comes up. Set the timer for 10 minutes and just let whatever comes to mind flow onto the paper.

If you love prompts too, you’ll love my challenge! See details below.

It is almost time! I invite you to #10min10days – STARTING MONDAY!

Sign up here!

This free challenge is for anyone that wants to change their creative life in 10 minutes.

I love the 10 minute time frame and have changed my writing routine using it.

Sign up and starting March 15 you will receive a daily email with inspiration.

There are various levels of accountability needed for your needs.

Everyone has 10 minutes!

11 thoughts on “Writing Prompts #sol21 #day13

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  2. A lovely reflection to read. I also like questions. I like prompts. They always get my creative juices flowing. I like to write in the mornings when I have days off. On school days the waking up is too early to fit writing in there too, so then I write in the evenings.

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  3. Thank your for the information here! I write three pages in my journal every morning, but that’s mainly a brain dump. Sometimes I have bits of inspiration that spill onto my pages. I’m signing up for this. I like that prompts steer one into a direction they may not have taken.

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