Friday:Writing and Dreams #sol21 #day12

Fridays are all about writing! Today it is also about dreams.

Well, for me, every day is about writing but this is when I am posting about it!

Do you remember what you dream?

I have been trying to remember my dreams. Sometimes they are super vivid but many times they elude me. They leave me with a feeling and then they fade like smoke as soon as I get out of bed.

As I have been writing them down I notice there are patterns. One that seems to be prevalent is that everywhere I go is crowded. So crowded I cannot get through or I do with great difficulty. I am not sure if my subconscious is trying to tell me that is my life or my mind!

This week I dreamt of a hot air balloon but I thought it was just about the movie I had watched the night before but the image stayed with me all day. I kept trying to associate what hot air balloons represented to me outside of the movie image. Many themes of freedom and escape come up for me it seems!

My students have been sharing about their dreams lately too. To hear a 5 year old explain their dreams can be humorous. I love that kindergartners tend to not have much of a filter. At least I know I will get an honest answer!

What do you dream about?

Thank you for reading and responding!

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6 thoughts on “Friday:Writing and Dreams #sol21 #day12

  1. Dreams sure are fascinating! I can’t even begin to try to analyze your dreams, but isn’t it fun to try?! Maybe fun is the wrong word. Sometimes agonizing! I honestly can’t even remember the last time I remembered my dreams. I can imagine the amusement in hearing your students share theirs!

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  2. I do often remember my dreams! I dream vividly, most of the time. Often, I am in a school – usually as a student but sometimes as a teacher, and I cannot find my English classroom! Lol. It is a recurring theme! I was never a tardy student but it must have been something that stayed with me!

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  3. My dog makes it difficult to remember my dreams — he wakes me up in the middle of the night and it’s hard to capture them before they elude me. I try to write them down when I can remember to and I definitely have had some doozies in the past. This reminded me to keep at it — I’ve gotten some excellent story ideas by writing my dreams.

    Thanks for sharing!

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