Wednesday:What Am I Reading? #sol21 #day10

Wednesdays are all about reading!

This week in my classroom we have read Three Hens and a Peacock by Lester Laminack. We have read sight word books with “and”. We read The Hungry Little Caterpillar.

I have read a lot of blog posts!

Part of the reason I love this challenge is because of the teachers I get to visit with all month! There is a familiarity that I enjoy. I also am an input monster so learning about how others do things always intrigues me.

Here are links to some of my favorite blogs from the challenge.

Slice of Lisa I have worked with Lisa for several years and I love when she slices! She is one of the busiest coaches I know who is always striving to teach about equity and literacy. She is a ball of energy!

Ms. Chiubooka Writes I always enjoy the writing every March from this blogger. There is something about the way she puts together a sentence!

The drigibile plum This blog always makes me think about something from a different angle…or makes me laugh. We have “stolen” structures from each other for years.

Persistence and Pedagogy This blog is always honest. Amanda has a way of talking about the hard things in such a wonderful way and always has a story from her family or school to illustrate her point. She is always a joy to read.

The Apples in my Orchard My neighbor in Wisconsin! I love her words and thoughts!

Jump off; Find Wings Love her Kurt V quote where the title comes from! i always learn something from this blog! I love reading it.

There are SO many blogs I read daily – esp in March! This is just a sample…

Happy Reading and Learning!

What are you and your class reading ?

I invite you to #10minfor10days – STARTING MARCH 15!

Sign up here!

Do you want to change your life? All you need is 10 minutes!

This free challenge is for anyone that wants to change their creative life.

I love the 10 minute time frame and have changed my writing routine using it.

Sign up and starting March 15 you will receive a daily email with inspiration.

There are various levels of accountability needed for your needs.

Everyone has 10 minutes!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday:What Am I Reading? #sol21 #day10

  1. Thank you for this humbling shout out and for links to other blogs. It is truly amazing how we get to know one another through our distinct writing styles and stories. I am a better writer in March because I am constantly reading and learning from you all.

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