What Did You Write in Your Notebook Today?

I am always curious about what others are writing in their notebooks. Are you writing stories? Notes? Snippets? Memories? Following a template of some sort? It is different for me every day.

I heard Julia Cameron talk about that morning pages help you explore what you like, what you don’t, what you want more of and what you want less of. Some mornings I use those ideas as headings.

I wrote this morning, as I always do, but I will also write later because I am taking a writing circle class. I will work on my novel rewrite later as well.

What did I write today?

  • A story that incorporated the words: enchanted, padded, syrup and Tahoe. [This is my #wordshare, Julie Paul, and Sarah Selecky words combined]
  • A list of words that begin with O
  • Operate was a word that I kept wanting to write over and over again so I started a snippet of a story using that word.
  • I pulled my 3 tarot cards for today and wrote a few lines about them
  • After looking at a memoir I am partially reading I wrote down lines about my Oma, a note to write about all the places I have been, a line I asked a co-worker that changed the trajectory of our relationship and a note to write about my wedding dress. [These are reminders of stories to write later.]
  • I recalled the dream I had and wrote down what I remember
  • I drew a doodle of a bunny rabbit holding a heart
  • I wrote some sentences about the snow and that it is -5 degrees outside. I also wrote down some details about a conversation I had yesterday
  • I made a small to do list of 2 items I want to get done by tomorrow

What did you write in your notebook today? I would love to hear.

One thought on “What Did You Write in Your Notebook Today?

  1. Morning pages are an excellent way to realign and discard anything in the way of our creativity. I usually do mine in the evening though. Completely relate to your love of notebooks and love all your prompts. You’ve really made me think….👍😊

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