What Did You Write in Your Notebook Today?

I am always curious about what others are writing in their notebooks. Are you writing stories? Notes? Snippets? Memories? Following a template of some sort? It is different for me every day.

I heard Julia Cameron talk about that morning pages help you explore what you like, what you don’t, what you want more of and what you want less of. Some mornings I use those ideas as headings.

I wrote this morning, as I always do, but I will also write later because I am taking a writing circle class. I will work on my novel rewrite later as well.

What did I write today?

  • A story that incorporated the words: enchanted, padded, syrup and Tahoe. [This is my #wordshare, Julie Paul, and Sarah Selecky words combined]
  • A list of words that begin with O
  • Operate was a word that I kept wanting to write over and over again so I started a snippet of a story using that word.
  • I pulled my 3 tarot cards for today and wrote a few lines about them
  • After looking at a memoir I am partially reading I wrote down lines about my Oma, a note to write about all the places I have been, a line I asked a co-worker that changed the trajectory of our relationship and a note to write about my wedding dress. [These are reminders of stories to write later.]
  • I recalled the dream I had and wrote down what I remember
  • I drew a doodle of a bunny rabbit holding a heart
  • I wrote some sentences about the snow and that it is -5 degrees outside. I also wrote down some details about a conversation I had yesterday
  • I made a small to do list of 2 items I want to get done by tomorrow

What did you write in your notebook today? I would love to hear.

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