Saturday Flash!

I am excited to share that my story is out in the world today!

I love this story and am so proud it is published in Fiction Kitchen Berlin.

You can read it here.

In podcast interviews, I always love to hear about where stories came from in the writer’s words. It helps me to pay attention to my own life and writing moving forward.

This story ended up being a mash up of a couple of other drafts. The reindeer line in the story came from a real conversation I had. Amazon indeed does not sell reindeer. The conversation centered around a comment about reindeer in the front yard would be more festive than mowing it.

I have been to New Orleans and was affected by the energy of the town. I felt uncomfortable the entire time I was there. A strange vibe hangs in the air there and I couldn’t shake the memory of it. It had to end up in a story! When I was there, I overheard a tour talking about Love Potion number 9 in one of the shops. New Orleans is the kind of place where you walk and the buildings seem to move. We went past a little bookshop we planned to go back to and we could never find it again. [I also had the best fried chicken I ever had at Emril’s restaurant but that has nothing to do with the story.]

Over the past several years I have written various stories with dolls in them: paper dolls, nesting dolls, poppets, etc. I wondered what a character would do with a voodoo doll and what would cause her to want to order one. As I revised this story seemed to come together in all the right ways.

Thank you to Chari who gave me honest feedback which allowed me to polish the story!

I am pleased with how the story turned out and proud that Fiction Kitchen Berlin thought it was amazing too!

I would love to know what you think! Let me know in the comments.

#happyreading #happywriting

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