Last Day – You know what that means…

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The last day of the month means reflection time!

I am participating in a journaling circle later and will reflect on whatever questions Nicole poses, but I always do my own process.

What went well?

  • The month started well with winter break still in session. New Year’s Day felt like renewal to me which was a surprise to me.
  • I started the #the100dayproject earlier than the “official” program with love letters to different things in my life. It is inspired by the New York Times “Recommendations” column and Ross Gay’s Book of Delights essay collection.
  • Slow Novel Lab with Nina LaCour
  • The PUSH groups – oh my goodness how fun this turned out to be
  • Manifesting challenge with Gabby Bernstein
  • Writing every day
  • Submissions
  • The writing summit from Traci Skuce – Thanks to my friend Linda I learned so much from these talks.
  • I figured out the top three things that really matter to me and was able to let go of some things that I was self imposing that I HAD to do.
  • It snowed several times this month!
  • Daily walks
  • Vivid dreams
  • Life giving conversations with friends
  • Inspired writing

What didn’t go so well….

  • I asked the universe for opportunities and got a flood of them. I had to pivot and figure out my priorities
  • Early in the month I was having some anger and defense that was bubbling up in unusual ways. I had to go way back to some memories to uncover where some of these limiting beliefs were coming from.
  • There were days I felt quite lonely.
  • I got my first round of COVID vaccine – this is truly a toss up and more in a neutral category. I am thankful but also apprehensive about the unknowns.

What I Learned

  • I love coaching. I miss coaching in the school setting too.
  • Hosting live classes/workshops/conversation is where the magic is! I am so glad I switched to this format. My clients respond so much better to live than recorded sessions. I think they still have their place.
  • Just because I do not take every opportunity put in front of me does not mean I am ungrateful.
  • Mindset matters [To be fair, I did know this before but the understanding deepened in a new way for me.]
  • I learned about Jane Brunette

#oneword update: PUSH

My word for 2021 is PUSH: power, unleash, significance, hope

All of these words were prominent in January. I PUSHed out the groups and new programs. I am feeling the power of my knowledge and influence and how I can use that to help the greater good. I have felt more seen and have been putting myself out there more. I sent a manuscript out this month. My newsletters have been intentional and more emotional. Hope is an underlying theme through my writing and my life.

Do you do a monthly reflection? I would love to hear about your process!

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