Last January Weekend Coffee Share

Saturday rolls onto the calendar once again. My kindergarten students are having trouble learning the days of the week this year because there is a mundane quality to daily life in a pandemic. Most of them do not leave the house. There is not much distinction between weekdays and weekends. Zoom classes seem to be not as disruptive to their timelines as I would have thought at the beginning of all this.

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Thank you to Natalie for hosting the link party for all things Weekend Coffee Share!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you my PUSH group on Tuesday night was a fun life giving conversation about submissions and #100dayprojects. The groups were so fun I am continuing them. The next one is on Monday.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you next week I have parent teacher conferences and I have to be at work until 7pm both Tuesday and Thursday. I am not looking forward to this schedule. Most of my parents are asking for earlier times in the day for our chat so I will be working on my own projects as the day stretches into night.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I love my library. I was able to pick up several holds. I also checked out Bright Dead Things by Ada Limon. I am loving her poetry lately.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you we had a surprise snow day last Tuesday. I slept and read and wrote. It was a glorious gift of rest.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I got my first round of the COVID vaccine this week. I am still apprehensive about the whole vaccine business if I am honest. I felt light headed and tired afterwards. My arm hurt as well. I go for the second round in a couple of weeks. Being a teacher, there are lots of reasons to get the shot, but my lack of faith in information that is given as fact unnerves me.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I did something that scared me a little this week. The worst that can happen is that I get a rejection but it still made me want to throw up a little before I hit send.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you it is supposed to snow this weekend and that makes me giddy!

Thank you for joining me for a coffee today. I cannot wait to read what you were up to this week!

6 thoughts on “Last January Weekend Coffee Share

  1. I had individual parent/teacher conferences in December for my kindergarten parents, and one for the whole class together this week. I know how much work it is..Keep up the good job girl. Thanks for the coffee!


  2. Hi Tammy. You raised a great point. It made me think about what my days would have been like in grammar school had there been something like our current pandemic keeping me in the house all week. I’m sure that would have been stressful for all of us as I was used to a huge amount of freedom to wander the local neighborhoods and ranches looking for adventure or at least distraction. Did I ever share my favorite story from this time with your? Had there been a pandemic at the time, My memory of playing with my friends and their giant inner tube would never have happened — which my mom would have been fine with, but moms are biased in favor of survival so I just let that pass for now. Behind our school, a straight line of sight from the door to our kindergarten class was an amazing hillside with some ancient oak trees that we were constantly in or in the fall, using any unprotected piece of cardboard on the steep sloop making great grass-sliding memories. But this story focuses on the one day when we tried to use that innertube up there. This story is best enjoyed sitting down and not holding anything hot.
    Perhaps, your students would enjoy a true story about after class fun.
    All the best,

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  3. It is interesting that you mentioned the pandemic and the kids having a bit of trouble learning the days of the week. My youngest son is constantly asking and I couldn’t figure out what the trouble was but what you said makes sense. Thank you.

    Congrats on getting your vaccine. That will hopefully take some stress off entering the classroom. Thank you, by the way, for being there for the kids during these challenging times!


  4. Good luck with P/T conferences. Although I can’t say I enjoyed them, I always came away understanding my students better.

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