Let Me Reintroduce Myself

I am Tammy L. Breitweiser The Accidental Inspirationalist who writes, educates, and coaches. 

On the fiction side of things, I write short stories and poetry.
On the non-fiction side, I write about writing, life, and education.
On the coaching side, I coach for writing, life and education. I am the person who gives you the answer you need, not always the one you prefer, but always done with support.

This is my 25th year is education. My career has spanned pre-k through high school. I have been a full classroom teacher, reading specialist, and coach. My day job currently is teaching kindergarten.

My mission is to inspire you to take action and risk in your own life.

A fulfilled life takes a lot of inspiration and I am here to help. Some people need models. Some people need a community. Some people need a life-giving conversation or a workshop. I provide all of that for you.

I blog here.

I am on Instagram here.

I am on Twitter here.

I host a podcast here.

But direct connection with me is here at Patreon.

What will you get if you support me?
Tons of goodies! It is like the gift fairy every month! There are stories, poems, workshops, prompts, programs, and support. All tiered so you get what you need. Every level is commutative you will receive everything from the level before. 

How can I serve you? What do you need? Let’s connect.

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