#FMF Conclude


Every Friday Kate posts a word for us to write for 5 minutes.

The obvious response to this prompt is 2020 is concluding. I believe people have some false hope that every thing will be fine when the calendar rolls over.

I always feel a more dynamic changing of the guard when school starts in August rather than January 1st. I do have my own rituals. My word of the year MORE is concluding and I am beginning with my new word PUSH. I plan to push out of my comfort zone. There are big things in store for 2021.

Old goals conclude and new ones begin.

My word for 2020 was MORE. I wanted more writing, more life, more money, more adventure. I achieved this beyond what I even thought I would when I began 2020.

Many things in my life just keep moving along and that is ok.

There will be adaptations that are required. The most recent rumor is that we will return in some capacity in February. It may be hybrid but there is still time for different decisions to be made.

4 thoughts on “#FMF Conclude

  1. I understand what you mean about the “changing of the guard” in August. For me, as well, that feels very much like the beginning of a new year. Everything is a little off this year, but I’m starting to get accustomed to feeling off. Haha.

    Amie, FMF #8


  2. Of choices there were very many,
    but I thought that I’d be clever,
    and my word for 2020
    was, wait for it…’whatever’.
    It seems more than a little bit
    sure it didn’t miss,
    and we so gladly soon will quit
    this annus horribilis.
    Yes, I know my choice of word
    did not the dread year cause,
    but this year I’ll set sights toward
    a term that gives less pause,
    and so I think it’s thus improved
    that my word for ’21 is ‘Dude!’

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