Dec Weekend Coffee Share

It is the weekend again! This week seemed busy and the days flew by. Thank you to for hosting each week.

Join me for a chat and a cup of coffee today will you? I am having my standard strong black brew. What would you like today? Would you like something in your coffee? Cream? Sugar? Caramel? Let’s start with a quote as I get your beverage.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I had to do a reset this week on the body. I ate simply, went back to fasting and walking every day. I felt a lot better by Wednesday. It was nice to get back to the routine.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I attended an event hosted by Purdue’s Creative Writing program and was introduced to a new poet. The event was run by Kaveh Akbar who is an amazing writer. The guest poets were Sabrina Orah Mark and Heather Christle. The energy of the event was magical like the fairytales Sabrina writes about. I ordered Sabrina’s book and reserved Heather’s at the library. Sabrina also writes a column for the Paris Review. I am grateful I was able to attend since it was on Zoom. A year ago, it would have not been possible.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you my students were hilarious this week. One student told me M’s were not real. They were pretend because they were just upside down W’s. He was full of lines like that all week. They reflected on their writing. We looked at their writing yesterday and compared it to the first page in their journal and talked about what they noticed. Their handwriting and details were main observations. One student said he needed to go back and add details to that first picture! I have sneaky ways of getting them to think about revision! hahahha

If we were having coffee, I would tell you my short story intensive is essentially complete. We turned in our final critique yesterday. There is a Zoom call on Sunday and then our critiques are released to us on Tuesday. It has been an interesting experience. My small group came together in a different way these last 2 weeks which I am grateful for. Many of the writers were new to fiction in my group so their goals were different than mine for the course work. I am looking forward to what is next with writing for me as the calendar rolls into 2021.

If we were having a coffee, I would tell you the 100 writing prompt project on Patreon is almost over! I am excited for my Bradbury Trio free challenge that starts next Wednesday (You can sign up here.) 2021 is going to be an extra creative year and I am excited. You should come be part of the tribe!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I ordered a new planner. I like a paper planner and usually buy an academic calendar format. I took advantage of a sale for Passion Planner early in the year so only realized last week I was running out of pages. I broke down and bought a new planner so I will let you know my review when it gets here.

Thank you for joining me for a coffee today.

I Recommend:
1. Brave Enough to Be Instagram
2. Jenna Britton’s Clarity and Connection Conversations
3.  My book is available here. It is my first collection of short stories.
4. Want more? Come on over to the Patreon for 100 days of writing prompts, community, workshops, and more!

10 thoughts on “Dec Weekend Coffee Share

  1. Wow – a paper planner. I used to live out of my day timer but then I was required by work to use the on line calendar and that was the end of that. Gracious but that was almost 30 years ago now. I think I still have my nice leather binder that I used each year. Talk about a flashback. . . Thanks for the smile Tammy.


  2. I’ve had my passion planner for about two months and I love it! It helps me build structure to my day especially now since I’m on mat leave.

    Regarding W and Ms, I remembered many years ago when I taught my sister the alphabet she flipped the W to an M and vice versa.

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  3. I’m so glad you invited me for coffee! Now I have to bug you….Could you elaborate on your writing groups? I’m thinking of joining one. And what’s a passion planner? Does it helo you make time for creativity?
    I’m intrigued 💜

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    • I have a writing group from a 4 month class I just took. I used to be a large part of the Storyaday community. I have friends I still talk to I met from that group that we have more individual writing conversations. I have been part of IRL groups but that is near impossible now with covid.
      A passion planner is a brand of planner. There are different spreads but I like the weekly with the times already in for the day. It helps me stay organzied. There is space for me to doodle and make other notes and lists on there too. You can google them and download PDFs in order to try it out and see if you like the style. Making time for my creative work has been a process over the last several years. Now it is ingrained!

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  4. I used to have. book where I wrote down all the funny things kids say, I wonder where that book went? I just love being a teacher, especially when they crack you up like that. Enjoy your new week! Thank you for the coffee, sorry that I am a little late 🙂

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