A Day in November #SOL


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I thought about what to write my slice of life about for today and pondered how it is not that different than last week.

There is more stress this week than last. The COVID bubble keeps getting closer to me. For the bulk of this pandemic, I feel like the virus was a couple arms length away. I make sure to distance, not go anywhere, wear my mask, wash my hands, blah, blah, blah. We all know the drill. Despite my efforts, more and more people I actually know are either getting COVID or know more people who are.

My county is back in phase one so I feel like we are back to March again. It should mean that restaurants go back to just take away and no dine in. As far as I have heard, no one is following this guideline.

My school is still doing virtual learning. We have not teetered back and forth. I am thankful for this fact. We have not gone to in person, to hybrid, to virtual and back again like the many of the corporations around me and the ones I still have friends in.

Again, I am thankful.

My kindergarteners do well with virtual because I am live teaching. We write every day. We are using The True Story of the Three Little Pigs which is fun and a great book to dig into. We practice sight words, letters, and sounds. The academics are similar to what we would be doing in person. There are no centers or playing. There is still lots of conversation.

In some ways, I feel like I know my students better individually. I have scheduled time with kids one on one and I don’t have to keep scanning the room to make sure the rest of the kids are on task when I am working with them.

But this week I hear the rumbles about the three buildings being closed because there were too many COVID cases – among the adults working there. Again, there are NO CHILDREN in the buildings. There are rumors of the buildings being shut down to quarantine everyone after the holiday.

I just keep showing up and teaching. It is more than going through the motions but I am struggling. There are rules that don’t make sense and rules that do make sense that people are choosing not to follow. I cannot find the logical path.

I also continue to write. It is what keeps me sane.

I have my coffee in the morning.

I go to school.

I walk when I get home.

I eat dinner.

I use some time to read, write, take classes, etc.

I sleep.

It is my normal routine, but it stills feel off.

We are all waiting for something that I am not sure will ever come.

4 thoughts on “A Day in November #SOL

  1. I have to keep hope alive. I’m so impressed with the way you are teaching your kinders. My neighbor has a kinder and I know it can be tough. Something tells me they know you care about them. You’re doing the right things.Just keep hoping for a vaccine and a flattened curve. Probably not right away, but coming, on the horizon for 2021.

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  2. Your piece captures the uncertainty of the moment. I appreciated your last line- we are waiting for something that might not come. I feel there is so much anxiety. I’m on Long Island, in NY. I am teaching in person students and hoping we can hold on. Being in school is so good for my own children and my students but it feels like COVID 19 is breathing down our necks. I wish we could get past this dark time. I’m glad your K students are doing so well. I am sure it is super challenging to teach K this way.

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  3. Hang in there. I feel the uncertainty too. I envy your routine, even though it is not satisfying right now for you. I am sure your students and their parents appreciate you and all the time you’ve invested in their education and well-being. They will remember your kindness.


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