We all look ahead. We look ahead to lunchtime, the weekend, the end of the month, the full moon. Much forward thinking occurs.

We make plans and hope they are realized. Sometimes we hope they are canceled. We always make plans far ahead. People say not that we don’t know when the pandemic will end and it gives more uncertainty.

In a way I agree but also feel like the certainty we had before was an illusion anyway.

Looking ahead I will write everyday. I was challenged to write a million words a year several weeks ago. This is 2750 words a day written. Years ago I imposed the 2000 word rule of Stephen King to my writing. It was a soft count but became a habit. After counting words this week I noticed that I do that anyway so there is no challenge there. Tuesday after all the words I wrote 5,000.

Looking ahead I have been planning events and workshops for my community. I am excited to offer “Choosing your one word” workshops in December and also a Bradbury challenge. The Bradbury will start as a 5 day and then stretch to a longer challenge. But NANO is hard for people and the burnout in December in real.

Looking ahead I wonder if I will do 30 day challenges or 100 day challenges for myself in the future. I seem to have leveled up.

Looking ahead I wonder if we truly wll go back to school in person at the end of January. There was a school in my district this week that was quarantined for 2 weeks. The whole school and it is just the teachers and staff there. Apparently someone didn’t wear their masks.

Looking ahead, I don’t know what is coming but I plan to enjoy the ride.

7 thoughts on “FMF: AHEAD

  1. You are right we all look ahead all the time – and are used to the certainty of knowing what is coming next! In these uncertain times an element of unknown has crept in, but for me with faith, it is to live in each moment and count them blessed! FMF#9

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  2. impossible to know what is ahead, but for me, trusting the One who holds the future is where I need to focus, especially since we have no clue what in the world might be in 2021…

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  3. Welcome to the whole Five-Minute Friday thing :). I haven’t seen you around before (but I don’t always participate). You write an impressive amount of words each day! I haven’t actually ever counted how many I write–my writing life exists between my teaching life. I host a #write28days challenge in February, if you’re looking for a mid-winter challenge!

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    • Hmmm I have been around the FMF community for quite a while actually. I did one of your challenges last year too. I guess it has been a while since I posted to the group though! Thanks for the welcome!


  4. The future never really was
    more than some sky-bright illusion
    subject to the tearing claws
    of reality’s intrusion,
    so I never staked my hope
    on that fickle pretty thing
    that might take impusle to elope
    with changing plans on dank dun wing.
    Instead, my heart’s in constant bloom,
    a flower standing brave, alone
    just outside the Empty Tomb,
    roots held by cracks in prison-stone
    and watered by the joyful tears
    of world delivered from its fears.

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