Tuesday Slice of Life #SOL

I woke up this morning wanted to be a hermit.

I would have preferred to go back to sleep for a bit and then snuggle with my words and blankets.

But that wasn’t possible today.

I have been examining what fuels my energy and what depletes it.

The last couple of days have been busy. There was a trip to Chicago and the museum. There was a Halloween party and an obstacle course. There were delicious dinners.

Yesterday was a full school day and then I was home for less than hour and had to leave again.

By the time I got home I was Exhausted – yes, with a capital E.

I slept hard and didn’t move all night except in my dreams.

Many of the things I did over these days are ones I love but it can still be draining. This is a conundrum I still try to unravel.

What fueled your energy today?

What depleted your energy?

What did that teach you?

One thought on “Tuesday Slice of Life #SOL

  1. What a timely reminder, especially as we head into this holiday season! I know my job depletes my energy, but I love being a librarian. So I don’t plan to do much outside of my job. I know creative pursuits and good bouts of getting lost in a book feed me–I need to plan for those more often.

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