Examining my Process…One day at a time

Some thoughts on my process today:

-I feel more resistance to NANOWRIMO this year – like more people are watching or something. This idea usually does not bother me….

-I think when I am done with a scene I am going to give it a descriptive title so I can search and find them later – or at least have them come up in the outline to piece them together later.

-Blue dress with the orange and pink streaks will come to play later for a pivotal moment.

-I do not like my 100 sentences that are part of my PREPTOBER for NANO

-I need to look at my plot embryo for my story. I often will write things down and then do not come back to them.

-I am writing 2750 words per day but am just counting everything to see how much I actually get down.

-I am using Sarah Selecky’s prompts and Nancy Stohlman’s FLASHNANO prompts to move my stories along.

2 thoughts on “NANOWRIMO Day #1

  1. I am attempting Nano this year and unlike the past few years really working on a novel. I’ll check out those prompts. I’m sure I’ll need them 🙂
    Hope that feeling of resistance fades for you soon!


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