Fire and Destruction

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Happy Saturday! It has been Fall for several days now. One of the actions I wanted to take this season was to FALL-IZE my notebooks. I ordered brown ink pens. They arrived yesterday and it is blissful.

I have a list of things to share today!

First, my guest prompt is part of Storyaday September today! You can check out my prompt here at Julie’s website. The Storyaday challenge was what I needed to finish stories and learn about my own process.

Day 26 – Tammy Breitweiser Notices Things


Make list of 10 things that you noticed about your day already.

Even if you woke up at 4 am there are certainly things you noticed.

Try to be as precise and sensory as possible and try to avoid metaphor.

And then, at the end, connect those pieces together to make a story.

Here are 5 people you need to follow if you are not already

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  3. Susie Taylor’s Blog
  4. Jenna Britton Sunday Letter
  5. Jamie Angevine’s Newsletter

Question: What do you do with old writing?

I have notebooks everywhere. Maybe you can relate

During the pandemic, one of the tasks I gave myself was to transcribe the stories and ideas into the computer. I can search the content then. With daily writing for years I have a lot of words. Some of them are brilliant and some of them need to just go away.

Several of my writing friends use 3 ring binders for their writing. One friend admitted to me when she doesn’t like it she can rip it out and throw it away. She said she should probably stop that so she can see her progress.

One of the ways I love to get rid of writing pages is to burn them. Literally. We had a fireplace in one house we loved and there is satisfaction in throwing the pages into flames and watching them turn into ash and smoke.

Another way is I crumble the page up into a ball and throw it away. Not as satisfying but it works when you have no fire. Crumbling it up also discourages someone from picking it out of the garbage and read it. There would be effort to flatten it out!

2 thoughts on “Fire and Destruction

  1. Yeah.. my bedroom/study is a pile of old notes…’s my solution…
    Poetry In Motion

    I was searching for words
    Maybe the script’s lost in celluloid
    I’ve a pile of empty poems
    Frustratingly strewn
    Here, there and everywhere
    But I hear them whispering

    “We’re not finished yet
    Do not leave us for dead
    Under this thick biblical heap
    Please tend to your lost sheep”

    The mound of poetry pages
    Began chanting louder
    And I was silently listening
    To their distant preaching
    But I’m not that proud
    And I quickly lit the gunpowder

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