Pens, Notebooks, Writing Groups, and Conversation

Last evening I hosted my Kick off Write in for my #100writingpromptproject. It was amazing. Several writers gathered on Zoom to write to the Day 1 prompt for my last 100 day project. The conversation was fun and I was happy to know that the prompt had an effect on people.

One friend said she thought about the prompt and noticed things a little differently all day. One friend looked so much more relaxed and happy by the end of the call.

It was the delight of my day.

Over the course of the week I have been nourishing myself with other writer meetings and webinars. I listened to Lydia Davis read her own work from the Paris Review. I have listened to Nina LaCour’s voice talk about her new novel (which is amazing BTW) and how she wrote it. I have had conversations about writing and insights with several other writers

There have been conversation about pens and notebooks and the obsession with all things stationery.

Last night I was talking with a friend after the write in and she was saying how she needed a new notebook for this challenge for the last 100 days. She could only find her Morning Pages notebook to write it but was delighted to be writing by hand. Then she talked about a plastic 3 ring binder that will fold on itself.

Everyone has their tools that help them write. Maybe it is a kind of pen or a special color. It might be a particular notebook.

Right now, I have an “at-home” notebook. It stays next to the bed. Any writing done in the apartment goes in that black notebook with the amazing stickers on the front. I have had this notebook since June. The pages are gridded and thin and lasts longer than the average journal for me.

Then I have the black notebook that goes in my work bag. This is the traveling notebook. I have almost filled it but it has important lists I am using over the next couple of weeks. Because it is almost full there is a new blue notebook that also is in the bag.

THEN I have another notebook that I am planning for NANOWRIMO in. NANO is a sure thing for me but I have not decided on a project yet. Through my Intensive class I developed two characters that I adore and have been freewriting with a lot. I have used Rachael Stephen’s Plot Embryo to plot out the story which is new for me. I have known about this method for a while but could not wrap my brain around it for the longest time. You can plot on one page and there is one key word for each piece of the pie. This works for me right now. The two characters and the plot embryo needed its own little notebook. It is actually a Lego notebook which makes me laugh.

What are the tools you need to write? I would love to know.

One thought on “Pens, Notebooks, Writing Groups, and Conversation

  1. If I am at home, there are several tools that I use. Typically, it’s the laptop. But I also love writing longhand and thus I use a pen and a notebook. My notebooks have no rhyme or reason, no notebook for certain projects or what have you. For my Morning Pages, I use computer printer paper and write longhand and then the pages go into a manila envelope. Outside the house, it’s a pocket notebook and a pen. I don’t bring the laptop with me anywhere. If I need to put something on the laptop after returning from the outside world,I just transfer what I have put in the notebook. Give me a piece of paper or a notebook and a pen and you can sit me in a corner or leave me somewhere for an hour and I’ll be fine.

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