What Did You Write in Your Notebook Today?

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In Create A Writer’s Life by Cynthia Morris she says, “recount your day or write your wishes or complaints. Use your writer’s eye to jot down details, sensations, conversations or ideas. The point of journaling is to get in the habit of sitting still and writing.”

On my walk today I listened to Nina LaCour’s Keeping a Notebook podcast. I went back to the beginning of the publication and listened to the first two epsiodes.

Both of these women are inspiring me today.

Today in my notebook I wrote about characters I am developing for a class. The one woman came to me first but her best friend bullied her way into the primary spot. Sometimes characters work this way. In my mind, I see them as real people. They are showing themselves to me bit by bit through thoughts and freewrites. Today I wrote about what is in Rachael’s pockets.

I wrote about balance and relationships. I wrote about uncertainty in challenges and that I need to open my eyes and have courage.

I wrote about the adventure hike we had at Devil’s Lake park yesterday. We saw a woman fall and claim to have broken her ankle. We climbed slippery rocks that felt cool to the touch and walked along a railroad track.

Later I will make some notes about what I learned today, how far I walked, and how I will make this week a Level 10.

What did you write today?

2 thoughts on “What Did You Write in Your Notebook Today?

  1. I’m jotting down the fantasy of flying/floating away above the cloudy clouds…and I’ve written these 3 disjointed thoughts, maybe there’s a poem within these jumbled words…

    A wizards wondrous recipe
    Sapphire stardust and water
    And drop by drop the magic potion
    Rises into a soothing lotion

    from the cloudy clouds, I’ll visit you
    my empty sails are only half-full
    and my old galleon ship is drifting
    Upon a vortex of unchartered currents
    where I’m waiting for a guiding tug-boat
    with a tow-rope and a new writing book

    Inside our creative heads
    Blooms our minds flowerbeds

    And here I am listening to Nick Cave and his song Galleon Ship…..

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