Focus #SOL20

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In this time of uncertainty I am choosing to focus on the delights of my day. I am celebrating the wins. I will admit this is not always something I do well.

After seeing fellow teachers with personal sized laminators I inquired about them and found out how reasonably priced they were. That warm smell of melting plastic is one of the reasons I wanted to be a teacher. The aroma filled my room yesterday. I remember being in second grade wanting desperately to cut out the laminated paper pieces. DELIGHT!

The coffee I have while I teach in my empty classroom is a delight. The smiles and repeating of the days of the week and singing our family meeting songs are delights through the screen.

I start my students’ day with breathing. We inhale and hold and then blow it out like the wind. Then we share something they are thankful for and something they are proud of. We will add pieces to this routine as we move forward through the year.

They are thankful for brownies and birthday cake. They are thankful for their family and their pets. They are thankful for stories and finding the white scottie dog in a David Shannon book.

They are proud they helped their mom in the kitchen and picked out the peppers for dinner. They are proud of their dads.

Every session a student of the day is chosen and we make a chart of their favorites. They write their classmates names and we draw pictures of them. One of my students said their favorite food is chicken wings on the bone – don’t give him boneless!

I chose to focus on what makes school delightful for my students and me because this is our reality and this is all they know.

What is your focus?

5 thoughts on “Focus #SOL20

  1. Love the focus on delights – from the inspirational smell of warm plastic to the bone-in chicken wings (a nice twist, considering so many people prefer boneless now). Life is too short without finding at least one gem of joy in each passing day. I am focused on allowing myself to make plenty of mistakes in this virtual teaching experience – for I will learn from them – and finding ways to weave joy into my short lessons with kids; why ever should they want to read or write if there’s no joy in it? And – another delight – walking in the waning light of day and seeing what interesting things are lying or living on the side of the road. There’s always something to make me think…


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