Official Back to School #SOL20

Two Writing Teachers run the Slice of Life tag ever Tuesday, where readers and writers are encouraged to write and share something about their life or day. You can check out the tag here.

Yesterday, was the first day back to school officially. The label was work day.

Delights of the Day

  • I coached a client through text
  • I connected with writer and educator friends
  • I found a word wall feature in a Bitmoji classroom I was perusing
  • I listened to some great podcasts while I went through files and books.
  • I connected with my kindergarten team who are amazing women!
  • I ordered bulletin board sets and remembered there was a time I couldn’t afford to buy much for my classroom. I spent hours cutting out items early in my career to decorate. During student teaching when I had no money I folded over packing tape 3/4ths and adhered it to a large sheet of cardboard to make a pocket chart. I remembered I have come a long way in knowledge and experience.
  • I got my SMART board to work
  • During my lunch time I revised my novel and gave myself a sticker
  • My classroom is a few steps closer to being acceptable for teaching and learning

What were the delights in your day?

9 thoughts on “Official Back to School #SOL20

  1. I love how your remind us – in this time of uncertainty and disappointments – to find our delights!
    But I am confused- are you working virtually, in the classroom, or both? If you are teaching IRL, your slice reminds me of how much we have grown into using technology 🙂

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    • Being grateful is a powerful daily practice. It helps me reframe some things as well. I will use a gratitude practice with my kindergarteners this year as well. How did you explain the word grateful to your daughter?

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      • My kids have had a various gratitude journals since they were very young. It helps us all refocus. I think when they were very young we did a lot of talk about the good parts of our day. I began to layer in and name things we could be grateful for. They picked it up quickly. I love this idea for kindergarten. I always did a “best part of your week” closing circle on fridays. Gratitude would also work- also a great spring board for drawing and writing. Good luck!

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