Create An AWESOME Ritual

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Every August there is the feeling like air is slowly leaking out of a balloon. As each day ticks by on the calendar we get closer to the first day of school.

How do you get ready?

This year the world is not the same which is the perfect opportunity for you to create a new kick ass ritual. You need a series of actions that lead to going back to the school year.

I use EL education materials and one aspect of this curriculum is CREW. Crew is the term EL uses which I used to call Family Meeting. It is time about learning and relationships. A book was released and I ordered it right away. It should be here by Monday!

Back to school shopping: In order to be a happy writer and teacher I need supplies. I have many friends that do not even have kids who are thrilled all the supplies are displayed in the middle of all the stores.

I am going to buy some new school shoes. It goes back to going shopping with my grandparents. A new outfit too.

I will also search the names of my new students (when they are available!) I keep checking.

I will plan the first week of school and start making my massive pile of read alouds.

Another thing I am doing this year to connect my personal passions with my professional ones is starting a Patreon. I kept trying to figure out how to serve my readers and people in my professional circle in a streamlined way. I have been saying lately that my offerings are for “Teachers and Friends of Teachers”. It makes for the most interesting group and mix of life giving conversations.

There are 142 days left in 2020. I have going to do a #100writingpromptproject for the last 100 days. My supporters will get access to a daily prompt, an exclusive community, and write in times to get together with others.

I also am expanding my coaching services and workshops. Now all the information for my events will be in one place. I am super excited!

Check it out for yourself and see if anything resonates with you!

My questions for you today:

What are you currently excited about?

What steps can you take to make a new ritual?

8 thoughts on “Create An AWESOME Ritual

  1. I’ve spent the last month gatheirng links. Your slice is the kick I need. You list ACTION! I will…..Thanks for helping me realize it is time to stop gathering good ideas. It is time to ACT! I will…..Thanks for modeling so well the step I need to take now! Good luck with your list!

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    • Yeah! I am so excited for you! Action is Amazing!!!! I cannot wait to hear more about – if you want to share some links I am open to that too!


  2. I always bought myself a new first day of school teacher outfit. I started doing the same thing for my daughter too. But, this year, she’s staying at home. She has a bunch of dresses she’s worn only once since I bought them back before the world shut down. I have a feeling she’ll just wear one of them for her first day of remote fourth grade.

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  3. School rituals have always included new clothes and new supplies. This year, I no longer have anyone in a K-12 system and I am retired. But, that said, I am looking forward to a new diet my husband and I started yesterday and I grocery shopped for today! It will be time-consuming to learn the nutritional values of foods and take time to cook accordingly, but today went so well, I am looking forward to tomorrow and a whole month of new rituals!

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  4. Love this, Tammy!

    While I’m not a teacher I always love the sales on notebooks and pens! Congrats on sticking to your #100writingpromtproject! That sort of consistency is inspiring.

    Right now, I’m excited about gardening with my grandpa. Even though we lost a lot of plants to cucumber beetles this year, we’re learning a lot. I also started blogging again this month, and I’m excited to keep challenging myself to stick to this new routine.

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