Move On!

A Poem

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Photo by BP Miller on Unsplash

We are
Where we are
Just keep going forward.
This is my

My life is
Success came early
Then dissolved like
The tablets my grandpa
Used to put in glasses of water
Grimacing as he drank
And regret
Boiling in his throat.

I am a learning machine.
I just have to trust the process and
see what happens.
This is what I tell myself.
I do not believe it.

I don’t like not knowing.
Evolution has not helped me.
I am at a party
With weird door prizes
The winners of
A clothes iron
A toaster oven, and
Serving dishes
Are not my people.

This is not a bridal shower.
I am misfit
Among the people
Who are supposed to be my

Notebooks, and
Would have made more sense
For people who live in their imaginations.

It was not clever, but
I cannot decide
If I am
Disappointed or

I am a discontinued Monopoly piece
Like the door prizes from the party

The prompt:

Write a poem, or any other kind of writing, using the word misfit; it doesn’t have to contain exactly that word: your piece might use the concepts or attributes of the word.

J.D. Harms

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