Synchronicity #SOL20

How a request was met with an answer…

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Several days ago I wrote a post called, “The Delight of Connections,” about wanting to connect with a specific type of educator. You can read that here. Luckily, I have this community of teacher writers and it has changed my life for the better. I am so glad to know there are so many teacher writers out there. There are friends that I see their names or the names of their blog and I know I am in for a reading treat, especially on Tuesdays.

Lately, I have felt a bit lost. There is uncertainty that every one feels hovering around the next couple of weeks. I struggle with how I feel about it. I never shy away from hard work or new learning. I thrive on growth, but I cannot wrap my head around the details to plan because I have none.

When I am uncertain I try to find other people who are doing it better than I am. I learn from everyone I interact with. This was the reasoning behind the post: to find someone in a similar situation to find some solutions and validation. The post was liked, but there were no comments. That sometimes happens of course. Not every post we write resonates with someone and compels them to respond.

Sunday a friend reached out in text and we started talking. As a coach, I went into her room frequently. She is one of those teachers I love working with because her teaching light is so bright. Every time it was a joy to enter her room. Her kids learned and were happy to do it. They were fun and had humor in their room. I listened to them perform their readers theatre just after winter break and the students were amazing and expressive. I will never forget that day.

This friend mentioned she knew one of the ladies that had applied for my job when I left. Through the text conversation I learned she was teaching fifth grade but had been a coach and a kindergarten teacher in the duration of her career! This new connection and I had an amazing conversation over Instagram.

If there is something you are seeking, ask. You never know how the answer will show up for you. I remained open to it and am pleased with this new connection. I thought it would come from the blog. It is a delight it came through a random conversation with a friend who doesn’t even know I have a blog! Be open to what comes. I love it when our needs are provided for in such unexpected ways.

Have you experienced Synchronicity lately? I would love to hear about it.

4 thoughts on “Synchronicity #SOL20

  1. Sometimes when a person writes something that resonates, we have to sit with it, (we, meaning me). Responding right away seems, I don’t know, almost disrespectful. I am feeling this way about what you have written here. But I also know that the Frost lines about “way leads onto way,” and “I doubted if I should ever come back” also holds true if we don’t write even first thoughts about something that moves us. So I’m doing that here even if I only have the nascent reaction of, “Yes, that is so true. We get what we ask for if we ask.” Thanks for this post. I am so glad you got what you needed.

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    • Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I agree that some things do require more thought in order to respond. I had not considered that before you wrote it.


  2. I love how connections make everything better. The last four months or so have been so difficult for everyone, and that difficulty has been made even harder by the diverse ways people are reacting and the public way in which they are able to do so. I struggle in a certain way (I’m in the “this is bad and we need to handle it with caution” camp) but other friends find my struggles laughable and aren’t afraid to say so. To use your words, “uncertainty” and “hovering” describe the mood.

    As I started your post today, I clicked on the link and read your earlier post before reading this one. Honestly, I was surprised to see that no one had commented and planned at that time to revisit it after this post. Thanks for your transparency and for sharing this with your readers.

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  3. I had forgotten (for a while) the word “synchronicity.” Your writing inspires me to pay more attention and to be the connection that someone else might need. Thank you!


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