The Delight of Connections

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Finding our tribe is important. It helps us belong and feel comforted that there are people that are like us. Having diversity in the group helps us learn from people who are different from us as well. No two people are exactly alike and that is a good thing!

I will be teaching kindergarten this fall, hopefully in person. I will be incorporating play, centers, loads of writing and reading, priming, EL education, and protocols. This is not an exhaustive list.

One of the things I do is incorporate my personal passions into my classroom. If there is something I become obsessed with – like llamas, for instance – they find their way into my teaching. I believe this shows my students that the things they love are important as well. I had a student one time that put a pickle in her stories. For some reason, she was obsessed with them. It became a fun game how she could incorporate them into her writing and her speech. She learned she could play with words and it was accepted in the room and encouraged.

My education experience feels unique and I want to close that gap. I am sure I am not the only one who is a writer, a coach, and a classroom teacher. I plan to go back to coaching after a year back in the classroom. I believe the classroom experience makes me a better coach especially in a new district. I continue to write and publish. This makes me more of an authority to my students when they know this information when we have writing workshop.

My students will see themselves as readers, writers, and problem solvers on day 1.

My goal is to form a mastermind of like minded educators in order to fuel each other to take risks and learn from what we experience with our students. Does this appeal to you?

Comment or email me at – I would love to connect.

2 thoughts on “The Delight of Connections

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  2. People with a passion for llamas are few and far between. I’m not one of them, but it’s good to know they’re out there! A good pickle, though? That’s something I can appreciate.

    Finding and having a tribe is important and oh, so valuable. I’m currently one of a very small number of STEM coaches (last year it was two, and this year it’s one) in our district, so that puts me on the outside looking in with many of the tribes in my world. Science is oftentimes seen as a subject that takes away from the important things like reading and math, so my exception sort of proves your rule: Tribes are, indeed, important.

    I appreciate what you said about your time in the classroom influencing your work as a coach. The inverse is also true, of course, and I look forward to returning to the classroom next year. I applaud your time back in the classroom, and wish you the best for the new year!

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