#FMF Smile


Every Friday, Kate posts a one word prompt for the community to write whatever comes to mind for 5 minutes.

Join me, set the timer for 5 minutes and …..GO!

I read the word and smile automatically. There are so many aspects of my life I am grateful for. My family makes me smile. I laugh when my 9 year old says crazy things like, “Look how tall my feet are!” We create family Jeopardys and play them. The categories get silly and we good naturally make fun of each other. I smile when I think about how ideal my life is right now. I live in a place that is beautiful and I adore. My job is amazing, I have wonderful friends and I write every day. The library is my town is awesome. I have read some amazing books the last 6 months.

After 57 days of my Back to Zero program to get myself back to its true form, I was able to wear two dresses that didn’t fit 2 months ago. Everything tastes better in Wisconsin especially sweet corn.

I finally have figured out a way to revise my novel and am thrilled. It finally clicked after an amazing conversation with my friend Jamie. I am always learning and am thankful for all the opportunities that come to me.

There is a lot to be grateful for and it all makes me smile.

7 thoughts on “#FMF Smile

  1. Yes, let’s talk about sweet corn for a minute. My oldest son does not like corn, so we don’t eat it as often as I’d like. However, recently, my husband found some purple corn at the grocery store, and we love to try unusual food. Although, in this case, purple is actually “normal,” but we’re just not used to seeing it that way. This corn was delicious, probably one of the best I’d ever had. If corn always tasted like that, everyone would love corn. My faith is also corn. Too often it’s pale yellow and canned or frozen, but God is calling me to be purple. Thanks for the thoughts.

    FMF #16, Amie


  2. Sweet corn!

    Sweet corn, sweet corn makes me smile
    all the summer long,
    and it can be such a trial
    to face the months it’s gone.
    Yes, it can be frozen,
    and better that than nothing,
    but fresh-picked, fresh-chosen,
    and set for butter’s brushing
    there’s not a thing that can compare
    ‘twixt here and Heaven’s door;
    in the backyard, at the fair,
    I always want some more.
    Give me sweet corn, any day
    no matter what I have to pay!

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  3. I’m glad we’re writing about the word “smile” today. There is something about it that just makes you smile. And I enjoyed reading about all the other blessings that are making you smile right now.

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