What Gap Do You Need to Close? #SOL20

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In education, we talk about gaps all the time. The gap of learning where children start and where we want them to go based on standards and minimum requirements. Sometimes it is how we can enrich a child that has special potential. 

We are always minding the gap.

Summer is the time for educators to examine the gaps within our own knowledge and experience and fill that to become a better instructor.

So I ask you today, what gap do you need to close for yourself professionally?

Over the course of the spring many of us had to close gaps in our knowledge arsenal quickly. I learned how to make Screencastify videos, how to be comfortable trying to teach through a screen, how to create and take a virtual field trip, how to engage students over a Zoom meeting, and how to make and manipulate a Bitmoji classroom.

I am always learning. 

The dreams about school have already started for me. I dreamed I changed classrooms with a teacher I taught with several years ago. I was teaching intervention groups in the hallway. I was trying to order a calendar set and worried it wouldn’t come in on time.

Usually, the dreams don’t start until August but this was an unusual school year for me. Not only did I have to conquer the pandemic constraints to my job but I also changed jobs and states. This was the change I desired. The teaching from home and the ending of the school year was not my choice but as a kindergarten teacher, you have to be adaptable.

I have a professional book to read for school this summer. I am making lists in my passion planner of things I want to buy and do this year with my kindergartners. I have excitement to start the school year already. 

I have a list of books I will try to find at the thrift shop for my classroom. I am looking at the activities and protocols I will teach the first week. I pay attention to my Pinterest feed and am making materials to use with my students. I am going to use Canva more to make certain items visually appealing. I have the time now and can play without the pressure of having to push it out immediately.

I am a risk-taker in my classroom. If an idea comes to the surface we try it and see what happens. I am open with the kids about this. I tell them – if we like it and it works we keep it. If not, we chuck it.

I will have a spot on my board for something interesting that day. It might be a quote, a picture to make them think, a question of the day, or a fun word for them to use.

I am going to do priming exercise with my kids every day to get them ready for learning. It is a combination of breathing and visualizations. 

To keep me on my toes I have decided to write an article about education every week. This is easy to remember with Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life challenge.

One of the things I want to bring to my kids this year is delight. School is supposed to be fun. I have to figure out how to layout my room. Thinking through some of the activities I want to incorporate into the day will help with this task as well.

To close the gap, I will study and make sure to take notes. How will you?

6 thoughts on “What Gap Do You Need to Close? #SOL20

  1. Oh my, YES! I’ve always got some gap or other that I’m minding–usually many at once! Encouraging and centering delight is a wonderful gap to fill. Have you read Ross Gay’s Book of Delights? I might introduce my students to his work and then periodically circle back to sharing some daily delights (as Sherri Spelic has been doing on Twitter).

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  2. Busy you! It is for certain that the model of being excited about LEARNING, the greatest delight, is certainly embodied here in your attitude and enthusiasm. Those little people are in for some joy!

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  3. So far, I have made a 7 x 10 grid to show me the 10 weeks I have as I “mind the gap”. Still too numb to start filling in the daily boxes. So many books to read and tech to figure out. Your list nudges me to get started!


  4. I am impressed wth the technology you list that you have already mastered! (That fills most of my gap I will be working on this summer.) You are obviously an energetic, vibrant teacher/thinker, including the practical mixed with the passionate. Love your inclusion of delight. This post speaks volumes to many of us, teachers on summer break but looking into preparing for the uncertain future.

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  5. Summer is the perfect time to think on this. I am newly retired, so the gap looks more like a deep ravine! Trying to figure out my next steps. I can really relate to “The dreams of school have already started for me.” Mine have ratcheted up, due to all the change in my life. Thank you for this!

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