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Today while I was walking I started to think about anchors.

This time of sheltering in place and teaching from afar had me thinking about the things that ground me. I also was thinking about the anchors that I need whether we are in crisis mode or not.

There are anchors of routine. I must have my coffee every morning with my husband. Then I write. Right now I have my daily prompt I write for at least 10 minutes. I write my story for Storyaday May. I write for my Keep Writing prompt.

I listen to podcasts and make notes for essays and conversations for later.

Life giving conversations are my anchors. I intentionally seek out my creative friends to discuss new projects and what I am reading. I have certain people that are anchors. My husband and my children. Creative groups and friends too.

The fact I know who I am is an anchor. I am a writer, reader, teacher, leader, runner, and coach. I must do more than one thing at a time, otherwise I am frustrated.

I am tattooed and a child advocate. I read tarot cards. I am opinionated and tenacious.

I am a woman of action. I am a force of nature.

Do you know what and who your anchors are?

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