Writing In Place #SOL20

Yesterday I was listening to Nina’s podcast and she gave the writing prompt of looking out all the windows in your dwelling and to write about what you see from the one you were drawn to. She also suggested a character you were working on to look out a window and describe what they see.

I wrote in my notebook yesterday a few lines and drew a doodle in my notebook in response.

In true teacher fashion, I thought about what this would look like in my classroom. I imagined giving my kindergarteners a black line drawing of a window and anticipating what they would draw and then write about.

I would read them The Hello Goodbye Window and we would laugh and I would see how their writing and drawings would change.

I will save this for the fall with my new class but I wish I was doing this today and sharing pictures of their writing with this community.

8 thoughts on “Writing In Place #SOL20

  1. Your slice shows how reflective you are and how you are a doer. You try it and then want to let your students try it, too! And you are a reader. Of course you found just the right picture book to go with your actions! Your piece is about looking out a window but it also is a window into who you really are. Thanks so sharing! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week. I know your students come Fall will enjoy this lesson!

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  2. I want to read The Hello, Goodbye Window! There have been bloggers who have shared their “from my window” pieces. I love that. I also love the art, done in your own hand. How wonderful to have ideas percolating for that optimistic return to the classroom.


  3. I am constantly drawn to windows, and I like thinking about the way our views are often limited to the lens from which we look out. Thank you for the peek into your notebook. It is a sweet gift. What a great connection to THE HELLO, GOODBYE WINDOW.

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  4. I so admire all the writing that you do & the prompts you share. Here, you share your thinking, your notebook, your teaching, your reading… what a gift. And also, ahem: RUTH AYRES commented on your post. I am fangirling just a little bit over here. Wow!

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