Llamas on Slack #SOL20

Tuesday is one of my favorite days. It is grounding for me. and helps me find my place in the week. I dubbed it Llama Tuesday awhile ago and it stuck especially in my Storyaday community.

I am part of a writing community called Superstars facilitated by Julie Duffy of Storyaday.org. She hosts a challenge every May and September where writers come together to write a story a day for the month. Julie posts daily prompts to get you thinking. You can sign up at the website.

This May is the 10th anniversary. Our Superstars group has a Slack community that I adore. It is a private paid community that has topics contained within channels. You can share with the group or individuals. We have different channels for writing, sprints, random, submissions, etc.

If I want to talk writing I can go there and strike up a conversation. I can check in with a writer that I want to talk to or check on their project. If I want to pose a question I can do that. I can share what I am reading and what I think about it or how it is influencing my writing.

The other day I asked everyone what notebook everyone was currently writing in. The pictures started rolling in and was delightful. For those of us who love office supplies pictures of notebooks make my heart beat a little faster!

Back to the llamas – I post a picture of a llama every Tuesday morning in the #random channel and wish everyone a Happy Llama Tuesday which I did this morning.

Slack is my connection to my people.

My other community is the Creative Life Scholars. This group began as a book club. A book club of action that turned into a mastermind. There are all types of creatives in this group. It has a different flavor than the Superstars. I can ask questions or complain or ask for advice in this group too. It trust these women.

Both groups also have regular Zoom meetings – this was a practice before the shelter in place orders. I know these people – I really know them. They know me. In my life I will be the first to admit I wear a lot of masks. There are roles in my life where I must portray a certain list of characteristics. I am allowed to be myself in these groups.

There is one group of writers I WISH had a Slack group but the leader doesn’t love it as much as I do (Yes, Nicole this is about you!) This last group is more recent but has had such a wonderful impact on my writing life. There is a bit of overlap with the CLS group here so there are a couple people I can interact with in Slack.

Slack keeps me connected to the people I feel my most true self around and I am grateful I can be tied to them when we stretch all over the country. I know when I need help or a creative kick in the pants I can reach out. They are true friends and I am grateful.

3 thoughts on “Llamas on Slack #SOL20

  1. I just signed up to attempt the Storyaday May. I’m already feeling nervous, but I need to move into new territory. Thanks for sharing this information. Happy Llama Tuesday!

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