Future Plans #SOL20

I received the email a couple of days ago we are not returning to school this year. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this news. I am glad to know. I am sad I will not get to end the school year with my students. I worry about what everything will look like in the fall.

Last night I started planning for August. I pulled out my slides and materials I plan to teach in August. I reviewed protocols and two picture books I will use for instruction the first three weeks of school. I thought about how my classroom is arranged. I thought about skills block lessons and what lessons I will be able to pull students for one on one.

I need a teapot for my first week’s lesson so I will look for one over the next couple of months once the thrift shops open. There is a Llama Llama book I do not own that I need that I will look for as well.

BTW – Don’t you love thrift shops for finding things for your classroom? Old toys, sorting items, books, costumes – the possibilities for creativity on the cheap abound! It is always an exciting trip.

Yes, I am sad we are not returning to school but I am going to use some of this time for planning for my new classroom in the fall.

Yes, I keep forgetting what day it is but I know it’s Tuesday because of the fabulous Two Writing Teachers site.

Yes, virtual learning is not idea but today my class meeting is a scavenger hunt! I am excited and cannot wait to ask my kindergarteners to find a fork – among other items!

5 thoughts on “Future Plans #SOL20

  1. Your writing shows you are the kind of person who is flexible. This news pushes you to think about the next time together. It shows your love of reading. It shows your ability to make the abstract concrete with the help of thrift store purchases! It shows your creativity. Have fun with the scavenger hunt! Thanks for showing so much of yourself in this slice.

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  2. I think about your love of scavenging thrift shops and put it next to my bags of sundry items culled from closets and drawers over the past couple of weeks that I wish to donate. I am so glad you’re finding a silver lining, there are many, in this slow-down time. Happy Dreaming!

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