That’s A Wrap! Last day of #SOLC

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Today is the last day of the Two Writing Teachers blog challenge for March. I love challenges and am always making plans for what is next. Lately, that has felt a little trickier.

Late last week I almost didn’t post. I just didn’t feel like it. I knew on this last day I would question that decision if I didn’t follow through with my plan.

I am thankful I posted every day. Having a theme to fall back on was a good strategy for me. I also enjoy writing the Weekend Coffee Shares.

As we move forward, my question is:

What are your plans for April?

Here is what I have lined up for April so far:

  • Happy Camper Writing Club with Nicole Rivera
  • Poetry writing month – Two Sylvia Press prompts are coming to my inbox starting tomorrow
  • Plan for Storyaday May
  • Sarah Selecky daily writing prompts
  • #100dayproject (starts April 7th)
  • Interactive class about personality and communication taught by me (TBA)
  • Bad A$$ money book club
  • Tarot class
  • Continue to interact with my writing communities
  • Run every day
  • Many, many Zoom calls

What I am Thinking About:

+ Creating a small writing class focused on Natalie Goldberg writing exercises and retreat components. (Thanks Chari!)

+How to continue the important conversations that need to occur

+ It’s Llama Tuesday!!! The llamas are having a party today. Celebrate accordingly.

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3 thoughts on “That’s A Wrap! Last day of #SOLC

  1. I love the Llamas ❤ It looks like you are up to some really great projects next month! I'll be watching for your posts. Next month for me involves a lot of writing in my book, it's almost done. I have three book cover designs I should be finishing in the next couple of days. I also have a free cover design drawing for authors going on all of April and the winner will be selected May 1st. I do the drawing four times a year and I love doing it. I have 10 seriously great blog posts for next month that I have to start writing, but I have the ideas hashed out, so that's half the battle right? I'll be doing a lot of graphic design next month too. And my favorite thing… I'll be checking out all the posts I can and getting to know all of the amazingly talented people in my network. I'm open to guest bloggers too! 🙂 Stay safe and healthy!

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  2. WOW! How do you manage it all? Your post is inspiring! I don’t have any real plans for April except to finish up my online course. I need a new writing challenge to keep me going. Wonder which one I should choose? I’m tempted by poetry but know that I will *not* publish a poem a day – I’m too nervous! OH – I am sponsoring a neighbourhood kids blog for the Classroom Slice of Life Challenge. That + school + parenting may keep me busy. See you on Tuesdays.

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  3. Best wishes moving forward into April! I too, almost let it slack for a stretch this month but thought the better of it in the end. It seems like you have a great month ahead – Any room for a Tuesday Slice or two??? Thank you for a great post!

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