10 On Tuesday for #SOLC Day 24

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Ten Things About My Day:

  1. I started reading Garden Spells on Sunday and finished it. I have not read a novel in a long while. I am not even sure that Goodreads will allow me to open it on my phone it has been so long since I have logged in. I have been reading, just not novels. Shorts stories, essays, poems, blog posts, Medium articles. There is no loss of reading time. But with the isolation I pulled the title off the one bookcase in my house now. It is magical and just what I needed. The book was waiting for just this time in my life.
  2. It snowed. I woke up to white dustings on all the vegetation.
  3. I am loving the community started by Sarah Selecky called “Writing Through Uncertainty”. She is hosting for a month and providing daily freewriting prompts and a space to share the writing.
  4. Weekdays mean Caroline Donahue will be sharing her daily Instagram Live. I was on a Zoom call with her this weekend which was great and struck me with awe. Caroline and I have spoken through email and messages several times but never on Zoom. I got a little shy.
  5. It is Llama Tuesday!
  6. Tonight is my online class that I am teaching!
  7. I started reading “We have Always Lived in the Castle” by Shirley Jackson.
  8. I ran for the second day in a row – a new streak getting back into a fitness pattern.
  9. I am excited for so many prompts from people I love to follow!
  10. I interacted with several of my writing communities.
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4 thoughts on “10 On Tuesday for #SOLC Day 24

  1. I love the post construct—”10 Things about My Day—and will certainly borrow it, though I may only get to five. Love everything shared here. Happy Llama Tuesday; have a wonderful class; enjoy Instagram Live and “Writing through Uncertainty.” Most of us write with uncertainty, so…perfect!

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  2. This is wonderfully inspiring! I love your energy and verve for the activities – old and new – that you have lined up for yourself. Your slice makes me smile and gives me renewed energy to try something new!

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