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Yesterday a couple people asked me about the poems I read daily. Here are two resources I use:

Poem-a Day

Paris Review Daily Poem

Other input from yesterday:

I reread Hills Like White Elephants by Hemingway. and Bullet in the Brain by Wolff

Here is a link to the poetry challenge I do every month.

Podcasts I listened to:

10 Things to Tell You

Fierce Womxn Writing (Kim Krans Episode)

Hope this helps! What are you reading or listening to that you would share?

9 thoughts on “Resource Share

  1. Funny— I wrote about this yesterday. To quote Jo Harjo, and I know you’ve seen this on the Academy of American poets site, “Without poetry, we lose our way.” Resource-sharing is one of the ways to say, “I care.” Thanks.

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  2. Great resources. What made you decide to reread Hills Like White Elephants? I used to teach it regularly, but now I haven’t taught it in a while. Hmm… I don’t know why, exactly. Thanks for sharing all of this.

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    • It is part of a writing course I was revisiting. I like to reread it for the dialogue – it is a masterclass! Bullet in the Brain was part of the same class and I love the “I don’t remember” sequence

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