How Do You Prepare?

Starting March 1. 2020 the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge is on!

From the Two Writing Teachers site: This March, we are thrilled to host the 13th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge. Since 2008, the mission has remained the same: to support teachers who want to write daily.  We believe that teachers who write regularly can better support the students they teach in writing workshops daily.

I have participated for so many years but cannot remember the number. My son was young and we were in Hawaii one year – I didn’t make it all 31 days that year.

I have the Slice of Life Challenge in March, Sarah Donovon’s Poetry Challenge in April and STORYADAY May coming up.

To prepare for SOL 2020 I am making a list of topic ideas so if I do not know what to write that day I have something to go back to. I am hesitant to call it an editorial calendar. It sounds more official that way. With the slice of life I do let the days at school dictate what I write about.

As other writers post their list, I will add to mine as well. This is the time I pay attention to the posts I like to read in my blog reader and see which ones I want to emulate. I always try to link back the original writer.


  1. Three sentences I love from three different writers.
  2. Currently post
  3. Kidology – Words kids say in my classroom
  4. Favorite Things for Kindergarten
  5. Mentor Texts and How I Use Them
  6. Poems
  7. My Good List – inspired by Tsh Oxendrider a piece of art, a thing and a habit
  8. 10 Noticing From the Day without metaphor
  9. Six Favorite Places To Read
  10. Centers
  11. What I am Grateful for…At Work
  12. Energy Challenge
  13. One Word Updates
  14. 100 Rejection Project Update
  15. Podcasts I Love

What’s on your list?

3 thoughts on “How Do You Prepare?

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