What Does Support Mean to You?

Photo by Dio Hasbi Saniskoro on Pexels.com

What does the word support mean to you?

My ex husband used to tell me just being there physically for him was how I could show support. I could not even watch the event he was coaching and he would still feel supported. I could grade or write or read. I just needed to show up.

Sometimes support to me is a listener.

Sometimes it is someone who stands with me.

Sometimes it is someone who does something for me I simply don’t want to do.

Lately it has been a person who engages with me in life giving conversation. To feel fueled intellectually by the words being exchanged. To share things that people are passionate about or what they are learning. I love to learn what people are reading and what is resonating with them.

Photo by La Miko on Pexels.com

What does support look like to you?

Is it different personally or professionally?

Please share with me!

2 thoughts on “What Does Support Mean to You?

  1. I’m very self sufficient so I don’t usually look for the traditional ways of support. But support to me, both personally and professionally is about empathy, acceptance and respect. I want people at work to support me by accepting that I need to leave work at 5 pm without judgement and acknowledge that I’m doing so after finishing my day’s work. That’s one example. Another example for support in my personal life is I need my partner or my family to understand that as a person I am an individual with finite resources too. That I have dreams and aspirations and I get tired and angry and sad too. I expect support from them in showing me empathy , in respecting my life choices and supporting me through them..🙂

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  2. Listening, loving and supporting no matter what ! And not hesitating to point out and help with ones flaws.
    Thank you Tammy for this important aspect of human relationships.


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