Back to It #sol

On the commute this morning a few thoughts went through my head.

Why does it feel like one day of work after break erased all the rest and rejuvenation from the winter break?

Yesterday felt like 4 days smashed into one. I travel from building to building and even asked someone a question where I let it slip I thought it was later in the week.

These transitions are not easy for me. I struggle with the weather right now because there is no snow on the ground. I struggle with the abrupt change in schedule from the writing life to the coaching life.

The day even started well:

I had a great morning complete with my coffee ritual.

I wrote even though the words were not flowing easily.

My shower was hot.

I even put on makeup which is not an every day thing.

I picked an outfit I am comfortable in.

I still felt off.

I am exhausted.

Again I think: I’m uncertain how one day of work can unravel 2 weeks of rest.

I know logically this doesn’t make sense and I shouldn’t feel this way.

But I can feel the tears pushing at the backs of my eye and I’m not an emotional person on the drive in.

Yesterday the most energizing part of my day was my creative group ZOOM call.

Tomorrow I will restart again and hope it gets better as the week goes on. Otherwise, just send positive thoughts my way!

11 thoughts on “Back to It #sol

  1. I get it… I had a terrible 1st day back- forgot my school laptop, too far to drive back home to get it… accidentally wrote on the whiteboard (in another teacher’s classroom!) , the whole lesson, not just a few words, with permanent marker (not quick or easy, but if it ever happens to you, write over it with a dry erase marker and wipe to remove)… well, you see how it was…
    hoping for better days for us both!

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  2. Going back to school after a long break is SO hard. There’s something about the realization of what it feels like to, once again, have to pick up and juggle ALL of those moving pieces at school. Four days in one is totally accurate. Keep going – we got this!

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    • The juggling of the pieces really resonated with me. I think that is it – at home it seems more linear – at school there are so many things that can throw the day into a tailspin – or upspiral!

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  3. I hear you Tammy.. it’s the same for me and was equally inexplicable 😊 Sending you lots of positive vibes to make tomorrow better. Tomorrow will definitely be better🤗💕

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  4. This spoke to me in many different ways. Our daughters were both home from college, so our personal routine was out of control. My wife and I are both teachers, so our students were crazy coming back. So many things that didn’t get done because they just didn’t get done! My principal admitted that this long of a break wasn’t a great idea, to which I thought, “Ya think??”.

    Anyway, I hope as the week has gone forward, you’ve felt more like you!

    Happy 2020!

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  5. I think transitions are terribly hard. For me, it used to be the month of May. Schedules muddled by field trips, picnics, and end of year events on top of planning what to do with my own boys during those months off in the summer just rattled me. My youngest graduates HS this year so I do not have this happen to me anymore. But, I feel your wonderment as well as your frustration. You’d think rejuvenation should last longer1 Positive thoughts for a better week coming up.

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